Apple iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4s Liquidation

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Apple iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4s Liquidation
  Apple iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4s Liquidation Apple iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4s Liquidation    

Bid Details

Condition: Used / Returns
Time Left:
(May. 18 at 4:45 PM)  ENDED
Users Watching: 9
Bids: 16
Current Bid: $5,950.00
MSRP (Est): $20,058.68
Current Price/Unit: $180.30
Bidding is closed.
Shipping Info
Warehouse Location: Chino, CA
Zip Code: 91710
Total Units: 33
Shipping Weight (lbs): 25.0
Box Count: 1
Will Call Will Call Not Available
UPS Ground / 2nd Day Shipping Available


Used / Returns

Listed products in Used or Returns condition are units that have been sold to an end user and returned through a retail storefront and/or a distribution center.

  • In most cases, no testing or repairs have been attempted on the listed products.
  • The packaging will be in various states including: opened, distressed and/or missing.
  • There will be units that lack essential components, accessories and documentation.
  • Used/Returns products most likely function or may retain some functionality from the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

Warranties not valid on any TechLiquidators product. All product is sold "AS IS" - cosmetic and operational condition is not guaranteed. Manifest quantities provide a best estimate. Actual quantities may vary.










6 Apple MB715LL/A Apple MB715LL/A iPhone 3GS 16GB AT&T Smartphone - Black 8859092566 9375758 759.99 4559.94
1 Apple IPHONE 3GS 32GB BLACK ATT MC137LL/A Apple MC137LL/A iPhone 3GS 32GB Smartphone-Black ATT 8859093177 N/A 699.99 699.99
2 Apple IPHONE 3GS 32GB BLACK ATT MB717LL/A Apple MB717LL/A iPhone 3Gs 32GB AT&T GSM Smartphone 8859092566 9375776 699.99 1399.98
1 Apple IPHONE 3GS 32GB WHITE ATT MB718LL/A Apple MB718LL/A iPhone 3GS 32GB Smartphone-White ATT 8859092566 9375847 699.99 699.99
1 Apple IPHONE 4 32GB BLACK VERIZON MC678LL/A Apple MC678LL/A iPhone 4 32GB Verizon Smartphone 8859094204 2025128 699.99 699.99
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