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Apple iPads Tested Working
ID 2047447

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Used - Working
Nov 15, 2018 1:45:00 PM
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This auction has ended and bidding is closed.

All Units will have minor signs of use and will be individually bagged and or boxed.

No accessories will be included.

PHONES ONLY: Please note in the manifest titles that “UNV” or Universal does not represent an unlocked carrier phone. All phones will be carrier specific. iPhones listed as “Other” will be Tracfone carriers. No refunds or credits will be issued.

GAMING: For auctions labled “controllers,” no consoles will be included. For auctions labeled “consoles,” no controllers will be included.




150 lbs

1 Pallet


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Used - Working

Listed products in Used condition are units that have been sold and returned to our retail locations or traded in from an end user, through our retail and online programs. These units are tested for functionality, and marketed for sale as working goods.

  • Products can originate from retail returns, end of life, and trade-in programs.
  • Products are tested for functionality.
  • The packaging will be in various states, including: opened, distressed and/or missing.
  • Products may or may not include original packaging and accessories.
  • Products may have signs of use, scratches, dents - and wherever possible, this will be listed in the auction notes.
1APPLEML0T2LL/AApple - 12.9- Inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi - 256 GB - Space Gray1099.99
1APPLEML3K2LL/AApple - iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular - 128GB - Space ML3K2LL/A1079.99
1APPLEML3O2LL/AApple - iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Verizon Cellular - 128GB - Silver1079.99
1APPLENL2I2LL/AApple - iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular - 128GB - Space NL2I2LL/A1079.99
1APPLEML0R2LL/AApple iPad Pro with Wi-Fi - 128GB - Gold949.99
1APPLEMP6G2LL/AApple - 12.9-Inch iPad Pro (Latest Model) with Wi-Fi - 256GB - Space Gray949.99
1APPLEME404LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 128GB WiFi+4G AT&T -Black ME404LL/A929.99
1AppleML0F2LL/AApple - 12.9-Inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi - 32GB - Space Gray929.99
1APPLEMQED2LL/AApple - iPad Pro 12.9-inch with Wi-Fi + Cellular - 64 GB - Space Gray929.99
1APPLEMPHK2LL/AApple - 10.5-Inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular - 256GB - Rose Gold879.99
1APPLEMC756LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 64GB WiFi+4G Verizon -Black MC756LL/A829.99
1APPLEME906LL/AApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 128GB -Silver ME906LL/A799.99
1APPLEMLYT2LL/AApple - 9.7-Inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi + Cellular - 32GB - Rose Gold799.99
1APPLEMM192LL/AApple - 9.7-Inch iPad Pro with WiFi - 128GB - Rose Gold749.99
1APPLEMGK32LL/AiPad Mini 3 Tablet 128GB Wifi + 4G LTE Verizon - Space Gray MGK32LL/A729.99
1APPLEMH2N2LL/AApple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB - Silver729.99
1APPLEMD787LL/AApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 64GB -Space Gray MD787LL/A699.99
1APPLEME836LL/AApple iPad Mini 2 Tablet 128GB -Space Gray ME836LL/A699.99
1APPLEMGTX2LL/AApple iPad Air 2 Tablet 128GB -Space Gray MGTX2LL/A699.99
1APPLENGTX2LL/AApple iPad Air 2 Tablet 128GB -Space Gray699.99
1APPLEMD367LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 32GB WiFi+4G AT&T -Black MD367LL/A679.99
1APPLEMQDY2LL/AApple - 10.5-Inch iPad Pro (Latest Model) with Wi-Fi - 64GB - Rose Gold649.99
1APPLEMD363LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 16GB WiFi+4G Verizon -White MD363LL/A629.99
2APPLEMD512LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 64GB -Black MD512LL/A1259.98
1APPLEMD512LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 64GB -Black MD512LL/A629.99
1APPLEMD515LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 64GB -White MD515LL/A629.99
2APPLEME991LL/BApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 16GB WiFi+4G AT&T -Space Gray ME991LL/B1259.98
1APPLEME997LL/BApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 16GB WiFi+4G AT&T - Silver/White ME997LL/B629.99
1APPLEMH392LL/AApple - iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + 4G LTE 64GB - Gold629.99
1APPLE3A857LL/ADemo 9.7 Ipad Pro Wi-fi 32gb Rose Gold599.99
1APPLEMC706E/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 32GB -Black599.99
3APPLEMC706LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 32GB -Black MC706LL/A1799.97
1APPLEMD329LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 32GB -White MD329LL/A599.99
1APPLEMD786LL/AApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 32GB -Space Gray MD786LL/A599.99
1APPLEMD786LL/BApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 32GB -Space Gray MD786LL/B599.99
2APPLEMD789LL/BApple iPad Air 1 Tablet 32GB -Silver MD789LL/B1199.98
3APPLEMGKM2LL/AApple iPad Air 2 Tablet 64GB -Silver MGKM2LL/A1799.97
1APPLEMH182LL/AApple iPad Air 2 Tablet 64GB -Gold MH182LL/A599.99
1APPLEMK8A2LL/AApple iPad mini 4 WiFi + Cellular 64GB - Silver599.99
1APPLEMLMN2LL/AApple - 9.7-Inch iPad Pro with WiFi - 32GB - Space Gray599.99
1APPLEMM172LL/AApple - 9.7-Inch iPad Pro with WiFi - 32GB - Rose Gold599.99
1APPLEMD511LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 32GB -Black MD511LL/A539.99
3APPLEMD514LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 32GB -White MD514LL/A1619.97
1APPLEMF544LL/AApple iPad Mini 2 Tablet 16GB WiFi+4G T-Mobile -White MF544LL/A529.99
1APPLEMGJW2LL/AApple MGJW2LL/A iPad Mini 3 Tablet 16GB WiFi+4G -Space - Gray/Black529.99
1APPLEMD519LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 16GB WiFi+4G AT&T -White MD519LL/A519.99
4APPLEMC705LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 16GB -Black MC705LL/A1999.96
2APPLEMD328LL/AApple iPad 3 Tablet 16GB -White MD328LL/A999.98
2APPLEMD510LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 16GB -Black MD510LL/A999.98
2APPLEMD510LL/AApple iPad 4 Tablet 16GB -Black MD510LL/A999.98