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Apple iPods - SALVAGE
ID 2135520

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Dec 3, 2019 12:13:00 PM
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This auction has ended and bidding is closed.

The units on this auction were inspected for physical damage, powered on where possible, and tested for basic functions only.

During this testing, each unit failed for some reason, typically a functional issue or combination of functional and physical issues.

The battery and most individual components are not included with this auction.

Please note that stock photos are used for some lots.

PHONES ONLY: Please note in the manifest titles that “UNV” or Universal does not represent an unlocked carrier phone. All phones will be carrier specific. iPhones listed as “Other” will be Tracfone carriers. No refunds or credits will be issued.

GAMING: For auctions labled “controllers,” no consoles will be included. For auctions labeled “consoles,” no controllers will be included.




5 lbs

1 Box


UPS Ground / 2nd Day


Listed products in Salvage condition are units that do not function according to the original equipment manufacturer specifications. These products have been tested, found to have defects, and are deemed to be non-functional.

  • In most cases, products have not had repairs attempted, and failed a standard functionality test.
  • There will be units that do not include essential components, accessories, documentation or packaging.
  • Products are sourced from retail returns, service center diversion products, warranty exchange items, and trade-in programs.
  • Salvage products will most likely have value in the form of a best yield through combining parts and components to create working units.
1AppleMD724LL/AApple iPod touch 64GB 5th Generation Player - Slate399.99
1AppleMKHE2LL/AApple - iPod touch 64GB MP3 Player (6th Generation) - Blue299.99
1AppleMKHL2LL/AApple iPod touch 64GB MP3 Player (6th Generation) - Space Gray299.99
1AppleMKWP2LL/AApple - iPod touch® 128 GB MP3 Player (6th Generation - Latest Model) - Blue299.99
1AppleMC903LL/AApple iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player 5th Gen - Pink284.99
4AppleMD717LL/AApple iPod touch 32GB 5th Gen MP3 Player - Blue MD717LL/A1139.96
2AppleME978LL/AApple iPod touch 32GB 5th Generation MP3 Player - Space Gray569.98
3AppleMKHQ2LL/AApple iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player (6th Generation) - Pink749.97
1AppleMKHV2LL/AApple iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player (6th Gen) - Blue249.99
2AppleMKJ02LL/AApple iPod touch 32GB MP3 Player (6th Gen) - Space Gray499.98
1AppleME643LL/AApple 5th Gen iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player - Silver214.99
2AppleME643LL/AApple 5th Gen iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player - Silver429.98
1AppleMGFY2LL/AApple iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player (5th Generation)- Pink199.99
1AppleMKH62LL/AApple iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player (6th Gen) - Space Gray MKH62LL/A199.99