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Desktop Power Supplies (Thermaltake,EVGA,etc)-Used
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Used - Working
Apr 12, 2021 2:30:00 PM
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This auction has ended and bidding is closed.
Notes: All units are tested working. Products may not include original packaging and accessories. Cosmetic issues may exist such as Scratches, Scuffs, Dents, etc. All units are sold AS IS.




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Used - Working

Listed products in Used condition are units that have been sold and returned to our retail locations or traded in from an end user, through our retail and online programs. These units are tested for functionality, and marketed for sale as working goods.

  • Products can originate from retail returns, end of life, and trade-in programs.
  • Products are tested for functionality.
  • The packaging will be in various states, including: opened, distressed and/or missing.
  • Products may or may not include original packaging and accessories.
  • Products may have signs of use, scratches, dents - and wherever possible, this will be listed in the auction notes.
1EVGA220-P2-0750EVGA 220-P2-0750 Power Supply235.00
1EVGA220-G2-0650EVGA 220-G2-0650 Power Supply230.00
1ANTECNEO HE550Antec - Neo HE 550-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply162.99
2EVGA100-W1-0500EVGA 100-W1-0500 Power Supply320.00
4Corsair75-002019Corsair 75-002019 Power Supply560.00
1COOLER MASTERRS-850-EMBACooler Master Real Power Pro 850W Power Supply135.00
1SEASONICSS-520GM ACTIVE PFC F3Seasonic SS-520GM ACTIVE PFC F3 Power Supply135.00
1LITE-ONPS-8501-2LITE-ON PS-8501-2 Power Supply130.00
1ANTECEA-750Antec EarthWatts EA750 750-Watt Continuous Power Supply129.99
1CorsairCMPSU-450VXCorsair (CMPSU-450VX) 450W ATX 12V Power Supply129.99
1Corsair75-001447Corsair 75-001447 Power Supply125.00
2Corsair75-001668Corsair CX600 600W Power Supply240.00
1CorsairCMPSU-850TXCorsair CMPSU-850TX Power Supply120.00
2ANTECEA-650Antec Earthwatts EA650 650-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply225.98
1COOLER MASTERRS-500-PCARCoolermaster RS-500-PCAR Power Supply105.00
1Corsair75-010708Corsair 75-010708 Power Supply100.00
1ThermaltakeSP-600AH2NKWThermaltake SMART SP-600AH2NKW - Power Supply - 600 Watt100.00
1CorsairCMPSU-750TX-CCorsair TX750W 750W Power Supply90.00
1EVGA100-W1-0430EVGA 100-W1-0430 Power Supply85.00
1LSPULT-LSP750LSP ULT-LSP750 Power Supply85.00
1ThermaltakeTR2-700AL2NC-AThermaltake TR2-700AL2NC-A Power Supply85.00
1ThermaltakeTTP-0600P-WThermaltake Smart TTP-0600P-W 600W 80+ ATX Power Supply85.00
1APEVIAATX-IB680WApevia ATX-IB680W Power Supply80.00
1APEVIAATX-PR600WApevia ATX-PR600W Prestige 600W ATX Gaming Power Supply80.00
1CorsairCMPSU-500CX V2Corsair CMPSU-500CX V2 Power Supply80.00
3EVGA100-BV-0450-B1EVGA 100-BV-0450-B1 Power Supply240.00
1HECHEC-500TE-2WXHEC HEC-500TE-2WX Power Supply80.00
1RAIDMAXRX-530SSRaidmax RX-530SS Power Supply80.00
1ThermaltakeSP-750AH3NCB-AThermaltake Smart 750W 80+ Bronze ATX 12V 2.4/EPS 12V 2.92 Power Supply80.00
1CorsairCMPSU-600GCORSAIR Gaming Series GS600 Power supply75.00
1CorsairCP-9020103/75-011267Corsair CP-9020103/75-011267 Power Supply75.00
2High PowerHPG-600ST-F12SHigh Power 600w Switching Power Supply150.00
1RAIDMAXRX-700ACRaidmax Cobra RX-700AC Power Supply75.00
4Soly TechAL-D500EXPSoly Tech AL-D500EXP Power Supply300.00
2ThermaltakeTR2-600NL2NCThermaltake TR2-600NL2NC ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply149.98
1CybertronSL-F500Cybertron SL-F500 Power Supply70.00
1KENTEKKTPS-850Kentek KTPS-850 Power Supply70.00
1Solid GearSDGR-650ESolid Gear SDGR-650E Power Supply70.00
1ThermaltakeTR2-430NL2NCThermaltake TR2-430NL2NC Power Supply70.00
1ThermaltakeTR2-500NL2NCThermaltake TR2-500NL2NC ATX 500W Power Supply70.00
1ULTRAULT-XF600Ultra ULT-XF600 Power Supply70.00
1ANTECTP-550Antec TP-550 Power Supply65.00
1COOLER MASTERRS-600-AMBA-D3Cooler Master RS-600-AMBA-D3 Power Supply65.00
1RAIDMAXRX-535AP-SRaidmax RX-535AP-S Power Supply65.00
2COOLER MASTERRS-500-PCAR-D3Cooler Master RS-500-PCAR-D3 Extreme Power Plus 500W Power Supply120.00
1ThermaltakeSPD-0430PThermaltake SPD-0430P Power Supply60.00
1ThermaltakeW0070RUThermaltake W0070RU Power Supply60.00
1Xtreme GearPSAZ-CP600Xtreme Gear PSAZ-CP600 Power Supply60.00
1APEVIAATX-RP500WApevia ATX-RP500W Power Supply55.00